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5 Things We Learned... Emily Testa



Emily Testa is a storyteller: a scavenger in search of intimate, intriguing, and raw tales about everyone and everything. She's the Editor in Chief of Savannah Magazine and infuses each issue with her charm and impeccable style. Some of my loveliest moments living in Savannah took place at Emily's kitchen table with strong coffee and smashed avocado on toast (before it was cool). She's also a talented media producer. While working at the Savannah College of Art and Design, she developed and produced countless videos on major university events and initiatives, including the Savannah Film Festival, aTVfest, deFINE ART, and SCADstyle.

Here are 5 Things We Learned about Emily.

What made you...you?

As far back as I can remember, my parents told me I always had the right to question authority. Everything begins there. 

When are you happiest?

It's a tie: Saturday mornings in the breakfast nook, or the moment I finish a first draft and I'm still convinced it's brilliant. 

Would you rather have a muse or be a muse?

I'd rather be a muse. I've never had one myself, but as a Scorpio I'm quite motivated by admiration.

Who do you admire?

Responsible journalists and any ambitious self-starters who made their own way ... sometimes even if I don't admire the way.

What is important?

Happiness, which for me is a balance of truth and kindness, order and adventure. And ease. And animals. And possibility.

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Images are personal snapshots by Emily.