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5 Things We Learned... Gautami Agarwal



From New Delhi to Vienna to Paris to Stockholm to London, Gautami Agarwal has cultivated a unique and enviable position as a go-to consultant for developing art and lifestyle brands. Her background includes specialties in marketing, events, fashion, and art sales. Combined, it makes her a powerful asset to any start-up seeking to target the luxury market. Her experience includes stints at the ever-slick Humans Since 1982, Femme Maison, and J Model Management, among others. In addition to her international consultancy work, Gautami will soon launch Zilch Life in her native India. Zilch Life is a lifestyle brand that sources from the rising art and design scene of India. We can’t wait to see her selections.

Here are 5 Things We Learned about Gautami.

What made you...you?

The traveling, living in various countries, the experiences and different circumstances made me who I am today. Not to forget the culture I belong to, I still hold on tightly to the values I think are important which constitutes a big part of me. I believe that life is a journey where one keeps learning and experiencing new things, hence, we evolve every single day.  

When are you happiest?

I find happiness in little things. Sometimes people feel that huge achievements or something out of the ordinary will make them happy. But if that is the case, one will end up with very few moments of happiness in life. So coming back to myself, tiniest of the tiny things make me happy like a nice cup of tea, some good music or even rain. 

Would you rather have a muse or be a muse?

Most of the times I am child-like, getting curious about everything that surrounds me and fascinated by it all. I do not need a muse, inspiration according to me goes beyond it. Being a muse can be interesting but I might get bothered by all the attention and responsibilities it can come with. I would rather stay away from having or being a muse.  

Who do you admire?

I admire different people for different reasons. I admire the ones who are not tangled up in their surroundings or the people around them but take a stand for things they believe in. I very much admire transparency and most importantly people with a conscience, which I see is diminishing each day. 

What is important?

Being real and true to your own self.

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Images from left to right: . Portrait of Gautami; Inspiration photo by Matthieu Lavanchy; Inspiration photo by Aperture magazine; Inspiration photo by House of Grey London; Inspiration photo by Zilch Life; Inspiration photo by Zilch Life.