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5 Things We Learned... Lydia Langford



Lydia Langford is my favorite storyteller. With a background in art and advertising, her eye is incredibly perceptive to social nuance and cultural response. Simply put, she interprets people, places and things like no one else I know. How she delivers a story - by text, by voice, by image - is usually hilarious and always, uniquely, Lydia. Spend 5 minutes on her Instagram page and thank me later. 

As a brand consultant, Lydia focuses on concept design, ideation, creative direction, digital strategy, and consumer behavior. She has worked on global campaigns for brands such as Casper, Nike, Reebok, Ikea, and GM. She was also on the team that launched MTV's first in-house brand consultancy and counts industry legend Cindy Gallop as an early influencer and idol. After working for over a decade in Miami and New York, Lydia moved to Berlin's growing entrepreneurial scene and currently consults on creative strategy with Europe-based startups.

Here are 5 Things We Learned about Lydia.

What made you...you?

My family, sports, my flaws, and never really understanding what anyone is saying – forces you into a lot of metaphor, and connecting with people and things on different wavelengths

When are you happiest?

 Alone, lost in the making of something, laughing with loved ones, or near any ocean

Would you rather have a muse or be a muse?

 Be a muse – I love to inspire others! Plus, me? In bronze? Obvi.  #narcissist

Who do you admire?

 Anyone who has the courage to put their heart into things, and to respect themselves

What is important?

The energy we create

For many an LOL moment, follow Lydia on Instagram @lydia.langford

Check out Lydia's work at www.lydialangford.work 

Images from left to right: Lydia Langford by Lydia Langford; portrait of beachgoers, artist unknown; Weight Watchers France ad by Rankin; Lydia and Gucci - photo by Albrecht von Alvensleben; Miami car by Lydia Langford; staged photo by Lydia Langford