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Ashurst x Tesla



In 2017, Culture A was approached by Ashurst, one of London’s most prestigious law firms, to curate an art experience for its exclusive innovation event, featuring George Ell, Tesla's' Director of Western Europe. The cocktail event hosted Ashurst’s top clientele in Fishmongers’ Company, London’s oldest and most notable liveries. Our challenge was to curate a site-specific art installation that provoked ideas around innovation, but also suited the traditional setting of Fishmongers’. We wanted to honor the unique location, but also showcase Ashurst and Tesla’s drive for innovation.


Culture A toured the site with artist Hugo Dalton, who is known for his signature light drawings shown in prominent locations such as Royal Albert Hall, the Fitzwilliam Museum, and Sadler’s Wells. Ashurst’s event started at dusk, so we explored the various light levels during sunset. Dalton then developed a series of drawings around the Camelina plant, the first transgenic plant in the UK that has been genetically modified to produce Omega 3 fish oil. By commercially farming the plant, producers combat the dwindling natural resource of an essential dietary supplement. Dalton set the innovative story of the Camelina plant within the context of Fishmongers’ industry and historical significance.


Culture A and Hugo Dalton produced three unique, site-specific light drawings - one for each event room - that artistically rendered the Camelina plant in its various biological forms. Each drawing was curated to integrate into Fishmongers’ Company’s Greek revival architecture, which showcased a grand, traditional backdrop for an innovative interpretation of its industry.