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Inhabit Hotels

Case study for Inhabit Hotels / Culture A


“Extending well beyond a perfunctory yoga mat stashed in the guestroom wardrobe or perhaps even a green juice on the breakfast menu, Inhabit, is upping the hospitality industry’s wellness game....This is all complimented by thoughtful artwork selected by Amsterdam-based Culture A...”
— Wallpaper Magazine, Sept. 2019


In 2018, Culture A was approached by Inhabit Hotels, a new urban wellness-focused hotel in Paddington, London to develop a branded art and decor program for the 88 guest rooms and 5 public spaces, including dining room, library, and reception. Inhabit asked us to deliver a cultivated visual storytelling experience that illuminated the brand’s vision for health and well-being as well as engaged guests in a unique and playful setting. We were tasked to bring the brand to life through art and design.


Culture A wanted to develop a program that celebrated Inhabit’s mission, London sensibility, and Scandinavian style. To start, we did a deep dive into research around wellness, urban oasis, color psychology, and London nature. We then developed 5 curatorial themes in relation to Inhabit’s ethos and sourced accordingly. Throughout the research and development phase, we performed social and cultural analytics across Inhabit’s social media platforms and those of wellness influencers. This ensured we stayed on brand and fully immersed in Inhabit’s ethos.

curatorial themes

  • Lucky Life – Embrace opportunity.

  • Supernatural – Connect with vivid, splendid nature.

  • Mindful Escape – Meditate. Reflect. Repeat.

  • Interconnectivity – It’s all relative.

  • Peaceful Play – Be in the moment.

We chose over 230 artworks for the guest rooms and 50 artworks and objects for the public areas. Over 25 artists participated, many of which created commissions unique to Inhabit. For the Library, we curated 200+ book collection covering the topics of wellness, meditation, holistic health, style, contemporary art, philosophy, Scandinavian design, travel, London specialties, nutrition, and nature. Over 100 of the books were sourced through Hive with proceeds supporting the South Kensington Bookshop, a local retailer in London.


Culture A utilized its extensive network of artists and designers to create a unique and dynamic art experience for Inhabit Hotels. To date, the project has been featured in Wallpaper Magazine, Elle Decor, Forbes Magazine, Boutique Hotelier, The Independent, The Times, Globetrender Magazine, Design Anthology, Monocle, and others. The partnership of Culture A and Inhabit highlights our joint commitment to promoting local and international culture. The programme features a mix of emerging and established artists working in a variety of mediums, including textile, metal, painting, and photography.

Visitors and guests can enjoy works by artists such as Annemette Beck, whose playful cream and black textile installation greets guests at reception and is also a sound-absorbing artwork to encourage stillness; Miya Ando’s ephemeral fine art print, situated in the Dining Area seating room, inspires mindfulness and meditation in viewers through its nuanced color and composition; Nur Mut’s lush landscape photograph is featured throughout the hotel as a nod to Inhabit’s sense of adventure and appreciation for nature. Our hope is that the experience inspires guests to reflect on their surroundings in the context of Inhabit’s ethos, while also connecting with the works and each other through the inclusive, universal language of art.

ELLE DECORATION UK, OCT. 2019 - “British Special”

ELLE DECORATION UK, OCT. 2019 - “British Special”

THE INDEPENDENT - “The best hotels opening around the world in August”, 2019

THE INDEPENDENT - “The best hotels opening around the world in August”, 2019

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