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 A Collaborative Art and Design Research Project by Culture A and Lisa Talia Moretti, creative technologist

Check out our recent article in SciArt Magazine and shout-out by Across the Pond in The Drum!

How do we evolve the visual and non-visual language of AI? How much of what we think we know about AI is influenced by what we ‘see’ it to be from images transferred across the world? How do we represent the heard but unseen?

The aim of this project is to robustly explore perceptions and understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI) through visual and non-visual stimuli. The project is divided into two phases: the first - a prep phase - is an analysis of the visual language of AI in mass media. The second phase culminates in an immersive sound exhibition. The data gathered during both phases will be used to study socio-technical blindness with an aim to create new frameworks for AI guidelines in ethical design approach. Is Seeing Believing? explores society’s understanding of AI from a new perspective - active participation.

Press received in  The Drum , written by Jim de Zoete, Executive Creative Director at  Across the Pond

Press received in The Drum, written by Jim de Zoete, Executive Creative Director at Across the Pond

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