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As I stood in Tiffany’s last week - all steely silver mixed with warmly gilded marble - I had a palpable feeling that this street of dreams is undergoing a renaissance. The Tiffany store is elegant, with its staircase set around a central vacuum filled with translucent rods. Everywhere is the glint of steel, a soft touch of flat-painted magnolias and a chandelier with a flip of movement to suggest the fringe of a flapper dress.
— Suzy Menkes, Vogue Italia, 2014
Beck & Kinch Studio, Denmark // Photo courtesy of Beck & Kinch

Beck & Kinch Studio, Denmark // Photo courtesy of Beck & Kinch


Majilite fabrics are iconic materials used by elite interior designers and architects for wall covering and upholstery in an array of luxury projects. Majilite approached Culture A to select multi-disciplinary artists to create branded artworks with Majilite fabric, using techniques such as quilting, embossing, weaving, printing, and painting. Our aim was to emphasize a cross-disciplinary approach to art and design as well as collaborative workmanship between Majilite and artists. Artists used Majilite materials to create small works in their style and technique, while Majilite provided them a platform of exposure to top interior designers and architects.


Culture A began with a deep-dive into the history of Majilite brand and . We had an initial consult with members of the Majilite team to understand the aim of the project and establish the ….


To date, Culture A and the selected artists have produced over 20 small artworks with an array of Majilite materials in different techniques. Participating artists include Jake Messing, Dean Brown, Annemette Beck, and Kysa Johnson, among others